Let’s begin by reading Isaiah 44:28, “That saith of Cyrus, He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem, Thou shalt be built; and to the temple, Thy foundation shall be laid.”  Let’s also read Isaiah 45:1, “Thus saith the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut.”  This portion deals with a man named Cyrus.  Amazingly, Isaiah prophesied about Cyrus by name about 150 years before he was born.

Jeremiah prophesied the 70 year capture of Israel by Babylon.  Jeremiah 25:12 says, “And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the king of Babylon, and that nation, saith the LORD, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and will make it perpetual desolations.”  When the time of the accomplishment of this prophesy arrived, we read in 2 Chronicles 36:22-23, “Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the LORD spoken by the mouth of Jeremiah might be accomplished, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, saying, Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia, All the kingdoms of the earth hath the LORD God of heaven given me; and he hath charged me to build him an house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Who is there among you of all his people? The LORD his God be with him, and let him go up.”

It’s said of Cyrus in Isaiah 45:13, “I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD of hosts.” Now let’s read Isaiah 45:14-15, “Thus says the Lord, “The products of Egypt and the merchandise of Cush and the Sabeans, men of stature, will come over to you and will be yours; they will walk behind you, they will come over in chains and will bow down to you; they will make supplication to you: ‘Surely, God is with you, and there is none else, no other God.’” Truly, You are a God who hides Himself,

O God of Israel, Savior!”  This speaks of the time when all of Israel’s enemies will come to her with gifts and will acknowledge that “God is in thee; and there is not else, there is no God.”  The Lord had hid His counsels and plans from these Gentile nations, but the day would come when they would recognize that God is the savior of Israel; that there is no other God.

Cyrus is a type, or picture of the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who is the true savior of men and deliverer of Israel.  While there was a partial fulfillment of this prophesy by the hands of Cyrus, the true Messiah would come and offer freedom and forgiveness to the Israelites.  The Lord Himself said in John 4:22, “…salvation is of the Jews.”  The day is yet coming when all nations will acknowledge the Lord’s great work among these people.  God is over all, and the God of his spiritual people in an special manner (as opposed to His earthly people Israel.  He is the Savior of them from sin, wrath, condemnation, and death, by his obedience, sufferings, and death.

King Cyrus was used of the Lord to free His earthly people, Israel, from captivity and oppression.  The Lord Jesus Christ came to free, or save, sinful men and women from the captivity and oppression of their sins.  Have you availed yourself of this wonderful gift of eternal life that the Lord offers to all?  Have you trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior?  If you have, then all the precious promises of the Lord towards those who are His, belong to you.  What a remarkable and precious truth!  Romans 4:21 tells us, “And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.”  The Lord, our deliverer, will do as He has promised to do.  (213.2)