There is much said in the Bible about Jacob.  He is one of the more significant people in the Bible.  I will not be able to give you much of his life history here, but I will try to give some ‘bullet points’ about this man so that you might get a better perspective of who he is and be able to learn more about him by searching the scriptures for him. 

We read much about Jacob in Genesis, chapter 25:

  • Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah, and grandson of Abraham.  He had a twin brother, Esau, who was born first.  (Verses 19-26).
  • Even before these twins were born, it was written that “the elder shall serve the younger.”  (Verse 23). So, the promises made to Abraham by God were confirmed in Jacob, the younger son.
  • Jacob was favored by his mother, while Esau was favored by his father. (Verse 28).
  • As an adult, Jacob sold Esau a bowl of pottage in exchange for his birthright. (Verses 29:34).

We also learn of Jacob in Genesis, chapter 27:

  • Jacob and his mother, tricked Isaac into giving Jacob the family blessing. (1-40).
  • Jacob fled to Haran to his uncle Laban’s home to get away from Esau. (Verses 42-45).
  • On his way to Haran, Jacob dreamed of a ladder where angels ascended and descended to Heaven.  There, he was assured by God that he would receive the inheritance promised to Abraham. Jacob declared that if the Lord would be with him, then he would worship only God.  (Genesis 28:10-22).
  • After reaching Haran, Jacob met and fell in love with Rachel, Laban’s daughter (his cousin).  Jacob agreed to work for Laban for seven years for Rachel’s hand in marriage.  Laban tricked Jacob by bringing Leah (his other daughter) under the darkness of the night.  Even though he was now married to Leah, Jacob agreed to work seven more years for Rachel. (Genesis 29:1-30). 
  • On his way back to meet Esau, Jacob became very afraid of meeting his brother.  After wrestling with an angel all night, Jacob refused to let him go until he blessed him.  The angel blessed him and changed his name from Jacob to Israel. (Genesis 32:24-30). 

We learn in Genesis, chapter 35:

  • Jacob and his family later moved from Bethel to Eder. On the way there, Rachel gave birth to her second son and Jacob’s 12th, Benjamin. Rachel died in childbirth. (Verses 17-19).
  • Jacob (Israel) had 12 sons who became the Twelve Tribes of Israel. (Verses 22-26).
  • Jacob was reunited with his father, Isaac, in Mamre.  When Isaac died, both Jacob and Esau buried him. (Verses 27-39).
  • After Jacob’s son had risen to great power in Egypt, Jacob moved his family to Egypt to get food during a time of great famine. (Genesis 42).
  • Jacob died in Egypt, but left instructions to be buried with his forefathers. (Genesis 47:29-31).
  • Joseph and his brothers took Jacob to Canaan and buried him there. (Genesis 50:1-4).

This is just a very brief outline of the life of Jacob.  He is mentioned many times in the Bible.  All four of the Gospels mention Jacob.  There is so much to be learned from this man and the example he left behind for us to read and learn from.  I encourage to you read all the references given here and allow the Lord to fill you with His knowledge and lessons from Jacob.  (CC)  (535.4)