I suppose we would be called fundamental, conservative, dispensational Christians.  On the front page of our website: www.answersfromthebook.net, we state “ANSWERS FROM THE BOOK seeks to answer your questions according to the Word of God.  When you have questions, you don’t want to know what we think…you want to know what God says!”  That is what we continue to strive to do…answer questions according to what the Bible says. 

I am encouraged by your remark that we seem to be “very accurate and sound.”  For each question we receive, we do search the scriptures to make sure that the answers we give are according to God’s Word.  Very often, an answer can take us 1-2 hours to complete, although most of the answers can be read in five minutes or less.  We also pray for the Lord’s guidance to answer each question correctly and display the love of God in each answer. 

We take it very seriously when we answer a question.  We realize with our large following (over 800,000) we have the power to impact many people.  We do not want to mislead anyone, and we do not want to give an answer without sufficient scriptures to verify our answers.  We want to be a help to all who either submit questions or simply sign on to read the questions and answers.

The Lord Jesus said in John 5:39, “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”  We whole heartedly believe that every believer should be a serious student of the Word.  By sharing many scriptures in our answers, we hope to encourage our readers to read their Bibles more. 

Thank you for your encouraging words.  We continue to strive for accurate Spirit-led answers that the Lord might use to minister the truth to those who read our answers. We also very often include a small Gospel message in our answers.  If some of our readers are not saved, we want to tell them of their need of salvation and how to be saved.  Thank God, we have had a good number of people respond to our answers by telling us they accepted Christ as their Savior.  We thank the Lord for each one!  (CC)  (507.4)