Listen:  148.6

I am very encouraged to see your desire to go to heaven and not hell. Regarding your question, I have BAD news and GOOD news for you. The BAD NEWS is that YOU can’t wash away all your sins. The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus Christ can!

Consider these wonderful words from 1 John 1:9, “….the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin” (NKJV). God knew that there was nothing we could do to take away even one sin that we’ve committed, so He devised a plan where His Son would be born into this world, and as a perfect, sinless Man He would then lay down His life and shed His precious blood so our sins could be washed away. Hebrews 9:22 says “And according to the Law, one may almost say, all things are cleansed with blood, and without shedding of blood there is not forgiveness” (NASB). Why must blood be shed to cleanse us from our sins? Leviticus 17:11 provides the answer, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.” The BLOOD that is shed signifies the LIFE that was given. After the Lord Jesus had offered up His perfect life on the cross to pay for our sins, we read in John 19:34,One of the soldiers with a spear pierced His side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.” The blood that came from Jesus’ pierced side proved that He had truly died to atone for sin. And that blood, dear friend, will wash away your sins the moment you believe on Him as your Savior. Isaiah 1:18 speaks of this blessed cleansing, “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow: though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

We would encourage you to quit TRYING to wash away your sins by your own efforts and TRUST the Savior who shed His blood to cleanse you from all sin. If you believe on Christ, you’ll be able to boldly claim the promise of 1 Peter 1:18-19 which says, “Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold…but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.” You will then see the meaning of the Apostle John’s words in Revelation 1:5, “To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood” (NKJV). And when you get to heaven, you’ll join the heavenly chorus in singing, to the Lord Jesus, these blessed words from Revelation 5:9, “You are worthy to take the scroll, And to open its seals; For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood, Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”  (148.6)  (DO)