There are only two Persons that can lead believers in worship according to the Bible; the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Let’s look at some scriptures that teach this wonderful truth.

In Hebrews 2:10-12 we read, “For it was fitting for Him, for whom are all things and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons to glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. For both He who sanctifies and those who are being sanctified all of one, for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren, saying: ‘I will declare Your name to My brethren; in the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to You” (NKJV). We learn in these verses that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Captain of our salvation, has brought us into the family of God and that He also takes His place in the midst of His brethren to “sing praise to God.” In other words, He leads us in worship to God the Father!

It is precious to think of this. The One who was once “in the midst of two thieves on a cross” (suffering the untold agonies of God’s judgment for our sins) now takes His place “in the midst of the assembly” to lead our praises to the Father! In Matthew 18:20 Jesus declared, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” He is our DIVINE CENTER, the Head of the church, and when the Spirit of God gathers us “unto His name” He is present with us. If we are gathered for worship, He is there to be our unseen Leader Who draws our hearts out in worship and praise to our heavenly Father.

In Philippians 3:3 we read, “For we are the circumcision, who worship God in (or “by”) the Spirit.” We just saw how the Lord Jesus is present with us to lead us in worship; here we learn that the Spirit of God, Who dwells in the believer individually and in the church collectively, is the POWER for worship. What does this mean? First of all, the Spirit occupies our hearts with Christ. Jesus said in John 16:14, “He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.” As we sit and think of the glories of Christ, Who He is and all that He has done for us, our hearts well up with praise. This, in turn, causes us to praise our God and Father for loving us and for giving His only begotten Son to be our Savior. Hebrews 13:15 speaks to this, “Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.” So, just as the Lord Jesus is “in our midst” to lead us in worship, the Holy Spirit is “in us” to lead us by His power in worship to God.

Before we close, it is so important that we lay hold of these truths. If we do, we will not look to a mere man to lead us in worship. You can search the New Testament from Acts through Revelation and you will not find one example of a man (or woman) leading an assembly of believers in worship to God. You will see men that have been given gifts for teaching the Word to the saints, or preaching the gospel to sinners, or shepherding the flock of God (see Ephesians 4:7-12), but you will look in vain to find one instance of a man leading the saints in worship. That place is reserved solely for the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. (275.10) (DO)