Due to limited space, I will make a few remarks about the book and then I will give you an outline. The opening words give us the key to the subject of the book, for they say “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” The word “revelation” means “an unveiling” for throughout this closing book of the Bible we have the “unfolding of future events” which will culminate in the Second Coming of Christ where He will be “revealed” to the whole world. We see this truth foretold in 1:7, “Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him.” Most of the book reveals a series of judgments which will precede the “revelation of Jesus Christ.” I should mention  (before giving you an outline) that AFTER Christ is revealed to the world (in 19:11-16), He will establish His 1,000 Year Kingdom on earth (20:1-6), judge Satan and the wicked dead at the end of time (20:10-15), and then eternity will begin (21:1-8).

A key to the DIVISIONS which will make up the outline is found in 1:19 where the Lord Jesus told the Apostle John, “Write the things WHICH YOU HAVE SEEN, and the things WHICH ARE, and the things WHICH WILL TAKE PLACE AFTER THIS.” Here is my outline based on this verse:

1. The Things Which You Have Seen…1:12-21

    A. The VISION of Christ in the Glory…verses 12-16

2. The Things Which Are…Chapters 2 & 3

     A. The Addresses to the Seven Churches in Asia Minor (their spiritual conditions also foreshadow the HISTORY of the Church from the First Century to the end.

         1. Ephesus…the LOVELESS church…Apostolic Period of the First Century…2:1-7.

2. Smyrna…the PERSECUTED church…Persecutions by Rome for 200 years…2:8-11

          3. Pergamos…the WORLDLY church…Alliance with Rome for the next 200 years…2:12-17

          4. Thyatira…the CORRUPT church…The Papacy rules in Christendom…2:18-29

          5. Sardis…the SLEEPING church…the Reformation Period…3:1-6

          6. Philadelphia…the FAITHFUL church…the Revival Period…3:7-13

          7. Laodicea…the INDIFFERENT church…the Church of the Last Days…3:14-22

3. The Things Which Shall be After These Things (AFTER the Church is Raptured to Heaven which is pictured in 4:1)

     A. WORSHIP in Heaven…Chapters 4 & 5

     B. TRIBULATION on earth…Chapters 6-18.  This period of Tribulation will be the “70th Week” of

          Daniel’s “Prophecy of 70 Weeks.”  (Daniel 9:24-27). Each week is 7 Years so the Tribulation will last

          7 years. There will be a series of 7 Seal Judgments, 7 Trumpet Judgments, and 7 Bowl Judgments.


     D. MILLENNIAL REIGN OF CHRIST on earth…20:1-6; 21:9-27


     F. ETERNAL STATE…21:1-8; 22:1-21  (448.3)  (DO)